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Need some help to decide on what do I need to control my house heating systems.

I have wet underfloor heating downstairs, two radiators upstairs, and a bypass underfloor heating in bathroom (no manifold).

I do not need to control the radiators upstairs for now, as I am hardly every switching them on.

Do I understand correctly about the below:

  1. I would connect extension kit to the boiler downstairs,
  2. Install some controllers to downstairs manifold. Three zones, but I would like two of them to be controlled by the same thermostat, is it possible? What actuator do I need? Any specific ones?
  3. Install one thermostat in the bathroom - can I have the downstairs one switching on boiler and actuators and the upstairs one when demand to just switch the boiler on, as this is connected as bypass and runs always when boiler runs.

Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, I read quite few posts/articles about it and cannot find any specific answer, and don't want to spend money before making sure the system will actually do the job.

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