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Function of thermostat and radiator thermostat

Hi, I have several questions about logic/function of these thermostats:

  1. can radiator thermostat power on/off the boiler when I use smart thermostat?
  2. when I use in the same room smart thermostat and radiator thermostat, what will be the function of the smart thermostat? Just power on/off the boiler and schedule will be setup on radiator thermostat? Or does the smart thermostat and radiator thermostat which are located in the same room have common schedule, mean when I increase temperature on the smart thermostat, same temperature will set automatically also on radiator thermostat?
  3. where I can find some description how this system works?

Thank you for your answers




  • HI Dejv

    The radiators that are in the same room as your smart thermostat do not require smart valves to be fitted to them. Your smart thermostat will be controlling them.

  • MichaelMichael | Moderator



    Smart Radiator Thermostat can ask a heating demand and power the boiler (for example the sleeping room). When it's already hot enought in the living room with the main thermostat, the fire still will fire up for when the Smart Radiator Thermostat got a heating demand.


    The thermostat will be synchronized. The main thermostat will do the temperature measurement and you change the temperature on all the devices (all devices will follow)




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