End of windows 10 support

as the email you sent regarding the latest app update.

"if it is a Windows computer or a Windows phone, they cannot be updated to the latest tado° app version"

It is a major advantage to me that the system can be set using a decent sized screen / pc.

I guess for those with perfect eyesight a tiny mobile screen is fine but I just cant stand mobile apps as my eyesight is not perfect.


  • You can still access Tado on a PC using a browser: https://app.tado.com/en/main/home

  • Looks like the app is only designed for phones with separate tiles for each room. The windows version uses the same layout except that the tiles just get bigger.

    It would have been nice to see a grid version, at least for windows, almost like a spreadsheet in appearance with a column to the side showing rooms and a line along the top showing time of day. The temperature would be added by the user in the centre panel. that way all rooms could be seen together rather than to have to bob in and out of each separate room.

  • Please please can we have a proper windows 11 desktop app
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    @Mellenby What are the benefits you are thinking of?

    More apps = more systems = more issues = more time and resource needed to develop, test and maintain = more cost :-(

  • Since internet access is more or less a conditio sine qua non anyway, there is a case to be made for just having a webbased interface for non-phone-computers. To do proper alerts and geofencing, an native app is probably still needed on the phones.