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Smart thermostat reverts to schedule even when off

Hi there,

I have a Smart Thermostat which has a bunch of schedules programmed via the app. However, I've set Manual Control to Off and 'Active until ended by a user'. Every few days, I realise my heating is on, and checking the app, this manual control is cancelled and it's back to the previous schedule. Nobody else has control via the app. All geofenching is off. Nobody else is changing the physical thermostat settings. I'm super confused as to how this is happening. It is connected via Home Kit and also Alexa but again I'm not commanding any changes. Are there any logs which can be checked to work out who - or what - is changing these settings?

How I leave it:

What it resets itself to:

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  • PowloPowlo
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    Okay I've worked it out myself! When I say to Alexa "Turn on the lights in the big room downstairs" it turns on the heating until 2300 under manual control, then it times out and reverts to schedule as I keep finding it. Oh and my Philips Hue lights don't come on either! Anyway - clearly not a Tado issue!!

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