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Heating on continuously....

I have encountered an interesting and frustrating issue with my Tado system...

I have a thermostat and extension kit which has been working for over three years without a hiccup, however last week I came home to find my house temperature at 29 degrees despite the thermostat being set at only 20!

The software showed no heating and the outside temperature was around 22 so I assume it wasn't the frost stat.

I reset everything by turning off the boiler and removing the extension kit/programmer. I left it overnight then reconnected everything and all seemed well with the world, the controls were working again as they should... however tonight we found ourselves getting hotter and hotter despite Tado telling me that the heating was off.. the thermostat said it was 25 but the heating shouldn't have come on until it dropped below 20 degrees!

Any ideas, boiler or Tado?


  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    On first sight it doesn't seem to be a tado° issue. The situation didn't change much right? Also like you said, tado° is not sending an request for heat.

    But to be sure, please check it out with our Technical Support Team, with the following link:

    Kind regards,


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