Is there a one button option to turn heating or water off or to a frost setting for all thermostats

As above. Simple to just push if going away for a few days rather than turn each stat down

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  • Ok cool. I need to get to grips with IFTTT

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    Here's the IFTTT tado heating section -

    ...and the "turn heating off" applet -

    You can configure it to work with a specific room, or look at the bottom of the list and you'll find an item that includes all of your rooms which you can use to set up one action to turn them all off.

  • hi i have tado to control heat and use IFTTT, theres an option to switch heating off, it says theres a button as the trigger, what bitton? was trying to use alexa by saying “alexa heaing off” but it only switches the room im in off & not through ifttt, help.