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Hi! My termostat in my bathroom are connected at the bottom to my towel rack and the thermostat are very close too the heat pipe, so the thermostat belive it is warmer in the bathroom compare to actally temperature. So I wanted that to be possible to lock the openings on the thermostat without to check the temperature in the room, so I can use Tado and look on statistics. In my case I have one main thermostat that check to temperature outside the house, that means now I are forced too disconnect my Tado becuase it throttling all the time and my bathroom is freezing.
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  • I don’t understand what you’re asking for. Is it a Tado trv in the bathroom? You can make it independent if you look in settings > rooms and devices. If you a ‘thermostat outside the house’ I’m guessing you have weather compensation? Is that causing problems?
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    What I asking for is that even if I set the temperature to max (25 degrees) and becuase of I have heat pipe under the TRV then it close the valve and then I got a cold room. So I need to steer the valve manually and lock the valve to be open all the time.
  • Remove the tado° SRT as this will always be getting too much direct heat from the pipework.

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    get a wireless thermostat placed away from the rad - this can then be set as the temperature measurement device in the room
  • Thanks for the ideas, but I don’t want too buy more things, my idea was try using the device I have or have it left if as a backup if the other devices stop working. It shold be easy to fix one manually mode for TADO.

  • Hi @Nobody

    There is one other option that you may want to consider trying.......if you "add" the bathroom SRT to another tado° room (for example......your hallway) and then use the "hallway" thermostat as the measuring device (Rooms and Devices).......then the bathroom stat will not open or close the TRV on its own because the opening and closing of the TRV is controlled by the temperature sensor in the "measuring device" thermostat.........I hope that makes sense.......if not drop me a DM.