Add max. valve opening on thermostats!!

It is crazy how my thermostats are often overheating causing a loss since the exiting water in my radiator is boiling hot.

This is CRAZY EXPENSIVE - but app still calculates this as savings which is simply wrong.

Add the functionality to limit water flow e.g 25-100%!

Add the functionality to set max time on the max water flow. The user can then take the size of the radiator into consideration!

Add the functionality to control how fast water flow can increase. Going from 0-100% happens often which is also crazy from a savings and environmental view.

Also often my radiator is shut down completely - even though the temperature is lower than the set temperature. Would be much better to have at least a min. Heating level when it is COLDER than what you requested. The environment with 100% shut down thermostats get very bad due to cold air from windows. :/ should this not be a basic feature on such a device?

Extreme heat loss is just not optimal :/

We have central heating.
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