Possible to add V2 smart thermostat to V3 system

Hi is it possible to add V2 smart thermostats to an other wise V3 system? V3 system has bridge valves & other smart thermostats? I have somebody offering the v2 smart thermostats that I wish to add into rooms which will act as a master device over the TRV valves


  • same question!

    any answer?


  • My smart thermostat is v2 from my original purchase, my internet bridge is V3 so i could use apple homekit.

  • quick update (thanks to Tado support): personally verified that V2 devices can connect to V3+ bridge.

    support also states that every device is compatible with every bridge, so I suppose you can associate also V3+ thermostats to V2 bridges.

    One important thing to consider: if you have a device already associated to a bridge, when you want to associate it to a new bridge (replacing the old one in the Home with a new bridge requires Tado support) you need to reset the pairing. Otherwise the standard association procedure as brand new doesn't work.

    Reset Pairing instructions: How can I reset the pairing of my Smart Thermostat or Wireless Temperature Sensor? | Help Center (tado.com)