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How do I diagnose errors indicated by “device error” light?

I woke this morning to find Tado’s call for heat had not been answered by the boiler. On the wireless receiver, both the wireless and device error lights were blinking. Nothing was reported (eg device disconnection) on the app. I ended up having to turn the boiler off and on in order to fix the error. What more could I have done to diagnose?

I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar i30 boiler.


  • johnnyp78
    If you look on the heating charts you will see the time when the disconnection happened. It might be that you need to move the bridge if it keeps happening.
  • There was no discontinuity on any of the graphs. Also when I noticed the boiler wasn’t on, everything appeared to be connected in the app.
  • I've been struggling with this too. Quite often the Wireless Receiver is showing 'device errors' but none of the devices actually have any issue.

    I believe that this condition is also explained by the fact that a software update may be in progress. However, this is not at all obvious. It would be really good if there was an option to expand the status through the app. Similar to when you look at the historical graph on each room/device, you could look at the data on the Wireless receiver to see what errors/status had happened historically.

    That would be a great troubleshooting tool :)

  • I too have the same problem with a recent installation. There needs to be some way to be able to diagnose the fault. Switching off and on again is not a proper fix.

  • I just had the same. The receiver lost connection to the app and was stuck calling for heat, then got it back in the app but wifi and error leds were flashing, around 10 minutes later it all went back to normal, no switch-off required. All devices are reasonably close together so i very much doubt there was a real signal problem. Felt like a software update crash followed by a timeout recovery.

  • CBen
    This still remains an issue. What is the point of a warning when there's no diagnostics to solve the issue? My system has the wireless light and the error lights flashing slowly for a long time. App shows all connected with no problems.
    Instructions are no help with this.
  • royi
    royi ✭✭

    Under Energy IQ did it show any error messages or did it continue to show 'Everything looks good'.