Installation help- Ideal Code Combi ESP1 38

Hi my father a plumbing and gas engineer has installed our Ideal Code Combi ESP1 38. He isn't tech savvy so my choice of a smart thermostat wasn't a good choice for him haha! Anyway, the boiler has no thermostat/programmer/controller currently but I own a tado thermostat and extension kit. Currently our hot water is on as usual and our central heating is being temporarily controlled via an on/off switch setup by my dad, I want to replace this obviously with the Tado

Here are the options for wiring on my boiler. Any help would be welcomed as I don't want to blow it up!



  • Currently wired with a switch for thermostat.

    Does have open Therm but unsure If I need harness?

  • Michael
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    You can find manuals here:

    However, doing it yourself is at your own risk.

    We advise to register the devices in your tado° account and follow the online installation steps. Our installation team might contact you with additional questions if needed.

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  • Michael,

    I am struggling to get support and answers, there's no help via live chat as no one answered me, theres no email contact I can see or phone number. I am thinking about selling the kit and getting a Hive to be honest.

    What I need to know is with the boiler mentioned above Ideal Code Combi and your extension how do I connect the boiler to the extension?
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    Michael I've registered the devices but need to unregister to start again and choose different options, how?
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    Excuse me for the later response. Please contact support, via:

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