Balance AC without shutting off (and possibly breaking) the heat pump


I tried out Balance AC feature, nice that it has one month free try available but terminated it. Balance AC always turns off the heat pump, several times per day to save energy. This behaviour is against all the heat pump vendor/reseller and national heat pump associations guidelines, at least in Finland where pumps are predominantly used for heating and for several months, operate below zero degree conditions.

Heat pump vendors warn that shutting off the pump, especially when it's freezing outside can break the pump. It's better to adjust the temperature to be lower and let the pump operate automatically, keep the external unit unfrozen etc. During coming winter, breaking the pump would be the biggest catastrophy for me, so I cannot risk it.

There should be a toggle to choose if you want to turn off the pump with balance AC feature (which could be still usable for part of the year), or if it would just change the temperature to lowest possible setting available, usually 16 degrees.

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  • fbenniks
    This!! We need this;-) also it seems that balance ac just shuts the ac off when prices are high? What about using your home as thermal battery by increasing/decreasing depending on cooling/heating mode when the power is dirt cheap or free!
  • Ilka

    It seems that now Balance AC only lowers the set temperature. Which, of course, is better than shutting down.

    But I would like to set a price level so that if the price is lower than that, no balancing, i.e., no lowering of the temperature, would happen.