Glow-worm Compact

I have a Glow-worm Compact 24C Combi Boiler with no thermostat. I have purchased the Starter Kit V3+ and the Wireless Temperature Sensor intending to fit them myself. I have managed to link the Sensor to my router through the Internet Bridge. When I go to the Tado app I get to the part where I need to put my boiler details in and get the message that my boiler has not yet been added to the database and can get no further. All I need to know is whereabouts in the boiler do the wires go. Is there a Tado wiring diagram for this boiler that I can download? I have the wiring diagram that came with the boiler but am also not sure where any bridges and blank terminals need to go!


  • That is pretty poor of Tado. Assuming it’s a uk model, you need to wire the wireless receiver either switched live or potential free, depending on what your boiler manual says. It should be a relatively simple job of taking the n, l, NO and Com connections from the 230v block, but get a professional in if you’re not sure. If it’s switched live you need to bridge l to Com on the receiver as per the link below (section 4 combi).
  • I have the 28c and looking to install the wireless kit with ebus control but have the same problem with the boiler not being shown in the app
  • Have contacted support and supplied the installers manual etc and they have forwarded it to their technical team
  • Had a reply from the technical team the need to put in Glow Worm Ultimate2 ..r and this has the same wiring as the compact which they confirmed with the manual I sent them