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I’m about to install Tado thermostat ,extension and bridge. Which is the best order to do it in with regard to fitting and pairing

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  • 👍 Thanks. All done. A few minor problems but the online chat sorted it quickly. I’ve had one or two valves losing connection and had raptors recalibrate or remount but fingers crossed it’s sorted. Pleased so far. Better than the hive valves they be replaced. Am now checking temperatures and doing one or two offsets as well as Quick kactions, but generally speaking quite impressed with the valves and the whole set up. Especially the online support

  • That's brilliant. Well done!

    Watch the offset. If the thermostat is reading 24 when it is actually 18 in the room and you offset it, then it will call for heat when it is still warm in the room.

    I've had one of my rad thermostats turned horizontal and I have put wall thermostats in 4 of the areas in order to mitigate against the false hot readings.

  • Yes I’ve read that somewhere . At the moment I’ve only good two rads that are a bit out and only need to offset by 1 deg at most so hopefully will work out. Dont really want to have the expense of extra thermostats so fingers crossed
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