Pairing issues

I have a wireless temp sensor that I cannot pair with my bridge, I have bought 2nd hand and was told it's de-registered. Will it pair before the wireless receiver is commissioned on the boiler and could this be preventing the pairing? Cheers


  • It shouldn’t be an issue when you pair it. What does it say when you try?
  • It just won't connect, I've tried everything on the troubleshooting and moved the bridge, put new batteries in and still won't show connected in the app, am at a complete loss
  • Just checked at it says Offline
  • Have you tried pairing it next to the bridge? If it still won’t pair I think it’s an issue for Tado support.
  • Thanks will give that a try and if still an issue will contact support. Cheers
  • I spent half a day trying to get it to pair before I realised that I had to press and let go, then wait. I was holding the button down.

    It's difficult to imagine that anyone else could be so dumb, but - who knows?