State of tado Matter support?


We recently saw two new standards for home automation: thread and matter.

I'm going to assume that thread support will have some difficulties. Still, it would be great if we could move away from having a tado bridge and use a general purpose bridge instead. But for the moment, I'm going to assume that's not in the cards.

But what about matter support? I understand that's largely based on Homekit, which tado already supports. So will tado support matter and thus move into a future where we no longer have to depend on vendor-specific home automation systems?


  • johnnyp78
    They have said they will. Nothing more has been said as far as I’m aware.
  • Armand
    Matter is based on zigbee and I cannot imagine how the private protocol of Tado could adapt. Fear this will deadly hurt Tado.
  • o00batman00o

    Only the bridge needs to be updated to expose the thermostats as Matter bridged devices.

    Apple already support Matter. Philips already announced that Homekit will be replaced by Matter in 2023.

  • johnnyp78
    I might be wrong but I thought to be fully matter compliant all devices had to support it, effectively removing the need for a bridge.
  • o00batman00o
    Thread is the recommended solution. The bridge solution is defined in Matter specification. Zigbee devices are the easier because Matter reuse the ZigBee clusters.
  • Actually Thread uses 6LoWPAN to allow IP communication over low power radio and IEEE 802.15.4 as the low power mesh radio standard. Zigbee also uses IEEE 802.15.4, but it has its own software layer on top of that.

    I understand that Tado also uses 6LoWPAN, but on a different frequency than Thread or Zigbee.

    So in theory the Tado bridge could be turned into a Thread border router and the whole thing could run over Matter. But that requires quite some changes just to make everything that works today work with the new system.

    A simpler approach would be to add Matter support to the Tado bridge, similar how Hue is adding Matter support to the Hue bridge.

  • Joead

    My understanding is Thread can be enabled for existing Tado devices - from this article … “as long as devices support the 802.15.4 protocol then they can be upgraded to support Thread.”

    If Tado will remains to be seen. 

    What’s so disappointing is Tado have had all the technology pieces of the puzzle in place … 6LoWPAN, 802.15.4, etc … for many years now as evidenced by this article

    They should have been ideally placed to be one step ahead and spearhead Matter and Thread support. But this clearly hasn’t happened.

  • richard_shepherd
    edited January 2023

    802.15.4 allows 3 main radio frequencies. 2.4Ghz is the worldwide permissible frequency and I suspect all the current border routers (Apple TV, HomePod mini, Nest hub, Eero router, Echo 4 etc) use 2.4Ghz as they also have that radio for WiFi. 868Mhz is a permissible frequency in Europe for 802.15.4. tado use 868Mhz. Unless the aforementioned routers have an 868Mhz capable radio or tado has 2.4Ghz support (which I do not think their devices have as a TRV teardown on iFixit shows they use the TI-CC110L sub-1Ghz transceiver chip) then there is no way for the end devices (TRVs, thermostat's etc) to communicate with those other border routers except via tado's own bridge - which really invalidates thread support. Indeed if Thread certification (distinct form 802.15.4 compliance) requires a 2.4Ghz radio then tado devices can't become Thread devices. tado can still support Matter bridging and expose the end devices over Matter but given they currently support HomeKit, Alexa and Googe Home anyway it might not provide any greater utility for the end user.

  • Wake up Tado. We are in 2023 and Matter is already a reality. You have no excuses anymore, you MUST release firmware update to existing Tado ecosystem to bring Matter support.
  • jamese8
    jamese8 ✭✭✭

    Certainly without an update it means I won't be buying any more Tado devices for the moment until this is resolved. I notice an ongoing 20% off tado items at moment. I wonder if that means offloading old stock?

  • Does anybody know if there has been any movement on this? I'm buying a new house, which I want to kit out with smart home devices , including smart thermostats for all the radiators.

    I'd prefer the Tado option, but, with that said, I won't be purchasing anything with out matter + thread support.

  • @DanielM Tado have not made any announcements. Currently there are no smart thermostats with Matter support enabled, so you don't have any options. Hopefully the situation will change before the next heating season starts in October.

  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    Why can't a repeater be developed which relays signals to and from the bridge and the TRVs using the current Tado frequency? A stupid question I suppose, no doubt somebody here will explain?

  • @GrilledCheese2 Nest thermostats now support Matter (
    It would be great to hear some kind of timescales from Tado as to when or even if they are going to support Matter.
  • @rhubarbz that's good news if you live in the US or Canada, but the Nest thermostat (2020) is not available in Europe. The Nest Learning thermostat sold in Europe is quite an old design, so I'd be surprised if it gets the upgrade too.

  • KHL
    there is a brand called Nature Remo, they carry certain thermostat that support Matter
    Sadly it seems tado has ditched upgrading firmware or hardware for Matter support..
  • muri235

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    Support for Matter standards to allow full interop across Smart Home systems — tado° Community

  • Viki

    So Far Tado software has been stable, but it would be great if they update there products to matter support