For the UK Market, the tariff is in p/kWh for Gas. for example my tariff is 10.33 p/kWh

But on the tado app i can only imput £/pWkh so my energyIQ is not correctly showing my usage.

Is this something can be implemented?

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  • @Hugradar

    Input it as 0.1033............

  • I see no way that tado is able to determine how much gas is consumed
  • @GazD

    I have commented on this on many occasions.....i personally think that it's more of a sales pitch aimed at new customers.

  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭✭
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    @GazD IF you only use gas for heating, and not Hot Water or Cooking, etc, then it may work for you after it has worked out your gas usage, but if you use gas for anything more than this as @GrayDav4276 says it a total waste of time. PLUS Tado˚ does not take into account for the UK Daily Rate either. So it can never really be usage to work out what your bill is likely to be..