TRV set all blocks temps

If I decide I want the bedroom to be heated to 20 rather than 18, I would like the ability to update all blocks to 20 rather than having to edit each individual block.
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  • @GazD


  • Basically: add some easy to edit 'constants'...
    More generally: let us really program our heating system.
  • I think there’s a conflict between Tado trying to keep its app as simple as possible and power users requesting more functions. If I were Tado I’d keep adding functions to the installer’s app, as it has started doing with max flow temp, and keep the main app as a simple version. Then it’s not confusing for newcomers but power users can have the functions they want.
  • @johnnyp78

    That's a great you think that tado° might go down this route ??🤔

  • @GrayDav4276 given the speed things happen at Tado, I’m sure we’ll see some developments by the end of the decade