Time for Matter

Being able to interconnect with other devices, sometimes produced by multiple vendors in a smart house matters(pun intended), especially when the internet goes down. A smart home is a sum of all its smart devices. Currently tado is one of the multiple weakest links at least in my home. For tado to “matter” in our future smart homes, it shall implement matter.


Let’s do this!
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  • VVo
    The competition is not sleeping. What are we going to do about this? Details: https://matter-smarthome.de/en/products/aqara-first-software-update-for-matter-in-december/
  • andyblac

    please search this request already exists, please add your support there.

  • I agree. A free standard like Matter should be added to TADO devices. User don't need to have a thousand apps to control each IoT in his home.

    Please, update deveces to be Matter compatible.

  • VVo

    It's quiet here. Sad.

  • I would like this to be added to current devices also as it would make it awesome and easy to add room sensors to make readings more accurate.

  • I‘d like that too! :)
  • muri235

    This is the "most voted" matte thread here. Please everyone upvote this:

    Support for Matter standards to allow full interop across Smart Home systems — tado° Community