Sleep mode on tado thermostats

Sleep mode to toggle to a different temperature setting like away mode. I go to sleep at different times.
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  • luteijn
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    edited November 2022
    This is an example of a too specific feature, which in my opinion should just be generalised:

    In general, it would be desirable to be able switch between different custom profiles / settings, instead of just the three schedules and/or 'home' and 'away'. E.g. 'night', 'summer', 'guestroom in use', 'daughter away', 'holiday', 'wake-up', 'sick' 'working-from-home' etc. These could just be set of fixed room temperatures, or even entire schedules.

    In addition to having one-push buttons/tiles in the app, that should allow you to manually and preferably locally (so app or external script running on a home computer talking as directly to bridge as possible, instead of over the cloud servers that might be down), changes to these sets of settings ought to be schedulable/combinable into new custom settings.

    Besides being helpful when cloud or internet is down, this woukd help people with a bit less 'classically' scheduled lives, e.g. if you are working 2 days morning, 2 days afternoon, 2 days night-shift, then 4 days off duty, for a ten day 'week' or everyday is a suprise, you might go into the office, stay home sick or have a child come live in the spare room for a few days..

    All these presets wouldn't necessarily clutter the app, especially if setting them up is done e.g. via a web-page, and some way of adding 'folders' to the main app-screen is added...

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