Option to see humidity on home page room buttons


Hi, in our house we struggle with high humidity in the winter. I find the tado humidity sensors in the radiator valves to be very useful, but it would be even more useful if I could see at a glance the humidity in all the rooms.

On the app homepage I can see at a glance all of the room temperatures in the 8 rooms I have set up with the radiator valves, but at the moment to see the humidity I have to click on a room and look, or go to the Air Comfort page and scroll through all the rooms.

If there was an option to see the humidity of each room on the homepage buttons (perhaps in the bottom right or top right corner, then that would be really handy (it could be an on/off checkbox in the settings for those who do or don't want to see that info on there.)

Just an idea.

Even more handy would be to be able to access that humidity data via Alexa routines so that I could tell Alexa to turn on the dehumidifier when a room hits 70% humidity, or to alert us when humidity reached a certain figure, but I appreciate that's probably not as easy to do.

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