Tado Basic Smart SRT v Tado Smart SRT

Are there any differences other than price and the digital display between a Basic SRT and Smart SRT? Is the Smart a newer version?


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  • mindgutter
    edited December 2022

    I have both, and the only difference that I can tell is that with Smart SRT you will be able to have a graphic shown in the app in Air Comfort section, as you see in the image.

    If you have a basic thermostat you will see the message that it does not support Air Comfort feature.

    Both types collect this data but Basic is handicapped in software analytics. So, in my opinion, the price difference is not worth it.

  • Air comfort is a pointless marketing gimmick so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It tells you a room is cold when it’s 18c, rarely detects open windows and warns you of high humidity when it’s humid outside so there’s no action you can take to reduce it (unless you own a dehumidifier).

    My main concern with the basic thermostats is that you don’t appear to be able to set them manually below 19c, making manual control rather useless.