Better Siri Integration

Hey Siri, boost heating
Hey Siri, boost heating for an hour
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  • I understand you can control Siri radiators … but specifically the boost feature in tado which I use a lot in the app
  • johnnyp78
    If you want to set up boost to last for a certain time in HomeKit you’ll need to create an automation, could also possibly work with a shortcut.
  • This is another instance of someone asking for (a particular) 'fish', instead of trying to give us (depending on our individual preferences) a trout, a goldfish, a salmon and who-knows-what kind of catch of the day, just give us the fishing-pole and let us catch our own.
  • Robti

    Agreed I can do it by asking. Siri turn heating on,Siri turn heating off and can specify a temperature but can’t add a time, so can’t ask for turn heating on at 20° for 30mins but can ask to turn heating on at 20°

  • johnnyp78
    @Robti like i said, if you want to do that, you need to create an automation
  • I suppose the 'suggestion' is to make the system 'just work' so one can just say out loud 'Zen, set bedroom-3 temperature to standard by 1.2; switch over to schedule delta in 45 minutes.' and have the lights blink for a momen untill the home-assistant comes back with 'Confirmed.' as you hear the thermostat relay click, and the TRVs whir as your heating system springs to life...
    Just like in those documentaries about voice controlled technology that used to be on the television in the 60s/70s/80s of the last century (you know, Star Trek, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galactica)

    Personally, not a fan of voice controlled stuff in general, and especially if it is cloud-based, but probably enabling these 'home assistants' to more easily work with tado is not a bad idea..
  • andyblac

    IMO this request should be aimed at Apple not Tado˚, as Tado˚ can't control how Siri works. Apple only recently added the ability to do timed control with lights (Hey Siri, turn off xxxx in 30 minutes), you should request them to add Timed Heating control as well.