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First time I've used TADO kit and tbh I'm not really impressed so far. I bought the Black edition wireless thermostat kit from Screwfix and installed it last night. I followed the instructions supplied in the box and it appeared to be working correctly. A bit more fiddly in setting up in comparison with other smart thermostats I've used in the past but I thought I would give it a chance. The wireless receiver has disconnected twice from whatever it connects to (I'm presuming it's the Wireless thermostat?). My router is in the Livingroom where I've installed the Internet bridge, my boiler is in the kitchen, there is a small bathroom in between these rooms. I have a TP Link DECO mesh system which gives great WIFI signal throughout the house, I'm aware this is probably irrelevant as it uses radio frequency as opposed to WIFI (is this correct?). This morning I woke up to no heating and Device error showing on the wireless receiver, I reset it before I left for work and about an hour later my heating system was showing as offline again on the TADO app. Is there anything I can do to improve this or is it just a case that it's not suitable for my home? I've installed NEST previously in other homes and found NEST was much more installer friendly and didn't require an internet bridge. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm losing confidence in this purchase and will probably go back to NEST if it can't be easily resolved.



  • Hi a new user here for around 14 days with the black edition and have had no drop outs in that time. My receiver is approximately 10m from my router through 2 brick walls on the same level ( I live in a one level flat), sorry I can’t help more but I posted to help with a comparison
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    @Deso1972 the distance between the wireless receiver and the bridge is likely a problem. If the bridge is lying close to the floor then try moving it higher. If this isn't an issue then try to move the router closer to your kitchen. If you cannot move the router, then acquire a longer Ethernet cable so you can move just the bridge. The bridge works better when it is in the vertical position.

    You're correct that the WiFi signal strength is not relevant.

    Edit: If your mesh nodes have an Ethernet port then try connecting the bridge to a node instead of the router. Check all the LEDs on the bridge light up to confirm connection to the internet.

  • Does the wireless black edition from screw fix support opentherm?
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    No. You need the Euro version receiver.

  • The wired black edition is stated to support opentherm on the Tado website but doesn’t give any details about the wireless version, just refers you to the screwfix website which also does not say anything.
  • If you want the Wireless version then it must be the EU version if you want OpenTherm.

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    If you read the Q&A on the Screwfix site, you'll see Tado wrote there that it doesn't support ebus/OT.

  • Thanks for the info and quick replies