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Having several rooms disconnected (independent) from the boiler it's not possible to know which room has activated the boiler and for how long. Just like the report for each room showing the heating statistics, it would be great to has the same for the boiler. It would show what time the boiler switched on and off, and which room requested heat. It would then be possible to identify which rooms are the most demanding from the boiler and when they demand. Is this possible?
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  • This report already exists under Care & Protect for households with the Auto Assist plan

  • @Manuel

    Your response is correct........however the report also includes SRT's that have no "Zone Controller" and are set to operate as INDEPENDENT........these SRT's "DO NOT CALL FOR HEAT BY PLACING A DEMAND ON THE BOILER"....... they simply allow heated water to circulate in it's radiator by scavenging from the HEAT DEMAND placed by another "NON INDEPENDENT" tado° device.

    tado° knows that this is happening.......and has done nothing to rectify this incorrect reporting procedure......and as this is fed into the calculations for "Estimated CH Usage" and Predictions for future costs.......It just proves that all these "ESTIMATES" are nothing more than "GUESSTIMATES"........and tado° charges a subscription fee for this 😱🙃😵

  • Add to this the fact that boilers are started against SRV that are sometimes too closed, means the ability to know that the relay is closed is more important for monitoring this behaviour.