No heating after power outage


Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with our Tado V3+ starter kit that after working perfectly for 6 months has stopped working after we needed to turn the electricity off for about 30mins.

The boiler is a combi boiler and the hot water is still working fine. The wireless receiver connected to the combi boiler has the power and wifi lights on. The wireless temperature sensor looks ok. And the internet bridge has the 3 lights on, power, cloud & router.

On the app all the devices are there and say connected. If we call for heating either on the app or via the wireless temperature sensor there is a pause for several seconds and then the heating light comes on on the wireless receiver and we hear it "click" but the boiler never comes on.

There are no fault / error lights on the boiler at all and as mentioned hot water is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas at all? I really can't think there is a fault with the boiler given apart from the electricity being switched off for a little while absolutely nothing else has been done.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


  • Also forget to mention, going through some support pages on the Tado site it did mention about setting the heating to 25 for up to 2hrs to see if that helps. It didn't, same as before temperature in the house is 16-17, the light comes on on the wireless receiver but boiler doesn't fire up.

  • johnnyp78
    You could try pairing the bridge with the wireless receiver again? Also give the wireless receiver a couple of taps with a screwdriver handle, it might be that the relay in it has got stuck.
  • Mine did the same when the power cable was broken from the tado. To reboot it I flixked to power again at the main fuse box and everything synchronized again. However it has since dropped for me and I'm now back in the same boat 🙈
  • davidlyall

    Given that you hear the click inside the wireless receiver when you turn on heating, I think it sounds like it's working but you should verify that there is actually voltage getting to the boiler when this happens. If you still have the old controlls, it would be worth temporarily swapping back to those as it will confirm or rule out Tado being at fault

    The delay between setting temp and hearing the click is perfectly normal

    Electrical stuff that's left on for long periods sometimes doesn't react well to being turned off and back on. It may be that the Tado side of the system is working perfectly but something has blown in the boiler controller. I wouldn't take it for granted that just because HW is working, the rest of the boiler is OK.

  • So I've been in touch with Tado and they have suggested or asked me to carry out two separate steps to bypass the Tado and see if the heating works or not. And well it does, there is nothing wrong with the boiler or the old controller we have. If we bypass the Tado, as we have had to do then we again have heating. To be fare Tado have been pretty good up until now. We are awaiting their next reply.

  • davidlyall

    Good news that it's not your boiler buy certainly strange that the fault is in the Tado especially since you can hear the relay click

    Good luck getting this sorted

  • How did you resolve this? I'm currently experiencing this exact issue.

  • Daver

    I am experiencing something similar. From one day to another, after setting up the whole thing, suddenly the boiler does nothing when Tado "says" to open and warm the radiators. I have no idea what is going on, suddenly there is no heat....

  • I also had this issue when I set mine up, and I have the same issue after any form of power outage (after a storm). The solution for me was the old thermostat that I had removed. The boiler is still linked to it.

    In order to fire up the heating for the first time I needed to use the old thermostat (set it manually to as high as it’ll go : 32 odd degrees) and then remove the batteries again. After this everything seems to be controlled by the Tado receiver.

    If anyone knows of a way to do without the old thermostat completely please share!
  • wateroakley
    wateroakley Volunteer Moderator

    This sounds like a wiring issue with your old room thermostat.