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TRVs - Please help... very embarrassed!


I'm ashamed to say, I attempted to install some TRVs today with very little success (and some flooding). I did not realise that some TRVs were compatible and some were not. I've since learned that my TRVs are not on the compatibility list, and I've no idea what to do.

I unscrewed my first TRV and tried to install the Tado adaptor - which went well initially. My only issue was that I could not get the arrow to point in the correct direction. When I tried to adjust it, I ended up with a small floor, which became a large flood when I attempted to remove it and put it back. I couldn't get the original TRV back on, and ended up sticking with the Tado one (with the LED point the wrong way). I'm not even sure it's fitted correctly, but it doesn't seem to be leaking and the radiator comes on with the heating.

I tried some other radiators, and when I removed the TRV, water began pouring out of the radiator - I managed to put it back on before my floors were too sopping - but there was too much water to even attempt fitting the Tado.

I've looked at my upstairs radiators (all with the same thermostats as the others) and attempting to unscrew them leads to leaking.

I've attached some pictures. Does anyone have any advice?

Do I need to drain the whole system and try again?

Are my thermostats incompatible, and if they are, what do I do about it?

Should I just find a plumber to help, and if so, are there any list of plumbers that Tado recommends?

Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post - I feel very stressed about the whole situation!


  • Usually you can still turn/twist the lower part to get it to face the right way, but if the valve is leaking water, might not want to mess with it, and it might need replacement anyway

    The Tado Valve Actuator works better if it's horizontal, so plumbing might be needed anyway to put the valve in 'backwards' even if they don't actually leak. A picture of the valve without the Tado or Inta head on might be more useful to see if it is strange in anyway (but don't flood your house for it :-) ).

    If a lot of waterdid leak out, you might have to top off the system again..
  • Thank you. I have sorted all but the original TRV I installed. I've tried to change it, but when I loosen the collar, water begins to leak out. I might just leave it for now, get a large set of pliers and have another go when I'm feeling a little more brave

  • Loosening the collar shouldn't cause any leaks, unless the valve is seized and you are turning the insert unintentionally.
    Saying that, replacing the valves isn't a huge job
  • @luke900 Did you have to use adaptors to fit the Tado TRV to the Inta body?

  • Inta valves are ok for direct fitment. Unless the valve is failing and the water came from the valve pin, it sounds like you've undone the main nuts on the TRV although the valve looks to on correctly now. You should be able to twist the white plastic base on the TRV so it faces front.

    If it needs pliers, you've probably got the wrong part.