New development idea - define a maximum upper temperature



I like very much your products and have 2 of your thermostats installed in my house. But there is one functionality I really miss ..., hence this note.

You probably already thought about it but just in case, here you go: within current context of very expensive energy you certainly have customers willing to LIMIT the upper temperature.

Hence, why don't you allow the TADO owner to set a maximum temperature limit via the TADO app?

In my case I've offered a Tado thermostat after my very positive experience to my girlfriend and she loves it but knows that when she's away her kids sometimes put the room temperature above 20°C whereas she asked them not to go over 19°C.

And she doesn't want checking every 5 min through the app to what temperature the thermostat is set.

Just my 2 cents :-)


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