Zone Controller Help Needed!


I have today installed two Tado wired Smart thermostats to control my downstairs and upstairs zones, with a wireless receiver to control my Hot water.

My out going system is a Danfoss TPOne-M (downstairs zone and HW) and a Danfoss TPOne-B (upstairs zone).

Since adding the wireless receiver (and telling it that it replaced a Danfoss TPOne-M) neither of my wire smart thermostats are being detected as zone controllers and my TRVs are effectively useless. I have followed Tados instructions but nothing has worked.

I should add that my Wireless receiver is only wired to HW and has no CH control (as I have no wireless thermostats)

Can anyone help with me not being able to create zones to use my TRVs to heat rooms!


  • I think Tado support might need to do something remotely, I think the same thing has happened before, should be able to find it if you search the forum.
  • Thanks for your reply. All of the posts I see say Tado support should be able to help but I thought he the app had been updated to stop them needing to do this.

    I can’t seem to find anything that states whether having a wireless controller that is only functioning for hot water impacts what I want to do
  • I don’t see why it should but it sounds like installing it has reconfigured the system.
  • I am having a similar problem. have installed the V3+ with HW controls and a separate wired thermostat intended to control the upstairs zone.

    Did you get any resolution to this from the Tado team?

  • Yes. I contacted them and explained I wanted the two wired thermostats as zone controllers and after two days they got back to me and made the chance on my account.

    Seems like a incredibly resource draining process but it resolved my issues none the less
  • Hi all, Can anyone help? I have the same issue as above.
    My house was split in 2 zones but going through the install the Tado app would only let me replace the upstairs TP-One-B with the Themostat. leaving me with 1 Danfoss TP-One M controlling 1 rad (didn’t have a TRV to replace) and the HOT water, this means I have to manually adjust that rad via the TP One M
    I would like to use the Tado app to control all the heating and hot water. What do I need to do?
  • You’ll need to put a wireless receiver in, assuming you’re not replacing a three channel controller.
  • so take off the TP-One B and install a wireless receiver and that will allow me to control the downstairs zone and the hot water?
  • Yup, that should work provided the downstairs danfoss is only controlling one heating zone and hot water (I.e two channel).
  • Can you please send me a link to the product I need. I’m finding it hard to get the right product
  • This
  • Ok great thanks. Will take a look