2 Android phones, App won't open on either

As title, this morning all we get is white tado on a black background. Tried both WiFi & 5G. Internet bridge has 3 white lights. Can access my page on the web.


  • Phillip_PAL
    edited November 24

    Tado app hangs on the orange 'tado' startup screen on my Samsung S10 as of an update it seemingly applied late yesterday.

    I suspect it's also not updating my geolocation as heating should have been off whilst we were away this morning.

    Very poor of Tado not to check basic critical functionality of updates - seems to happen every few years. They will probably eventually issue an update in a few days time once they eventually notice there is a problem when enough people complain.

  • This happens on a regular basis when tado° do App updates.....I have turned off the "Auto Update" feature of my phone, and I wait to see if the App operates properly before I allow the tado° App update.
  • Hello my app has stopped working today.

  • WIth Android, there are way too many combinations of hardware and software versions for Tado to test. Having said that, I've had no issues like these on my S9 running Android 10 but I do take issue with Tado removing functionality and making the app less user friendly

    I am sign up for the beta program and am currently on 7.6.0 but I see no difference in the last few versions

  • The app has been updated today, solved that issue for me 😁
  • Yes new app just installed, same overall version but more detailed sub version is (1500706001).

    However had to resign in, reclaim phone etc. As if a whole new app installed.
  • Yup, I had to do a password reset and reclaim my phone also.
  • Getting the same problem using a Samsung s21. The app has worked for months, but is now stalling on the opening app screen. I had to uninstall and reinstall and it fixed it once, but frozen again.
  • So I work in software. Clearly if a point fix was pushed out then Tado found there was an issue. So why no communication to stop people wasting their time fiddling with their phone settings.
  • Marfy
    edited November 24
    Same here. Open app and it just hangs on my Android phone. Cleared app data and was able to login and get it working. 24 hours later and it's hanging again. Just cleared app data again and back in but suspect it will fail again. Will update when available
  • Same situation. App stopped working this morning on Android.
  • Same issue here. After clearing all app data and loging on again the app works again.