Is V3+ backwards compatible?

I currently have the V1 set up, purchased about 10 years ago. Still working, but time for an upgrade as it’s now showing its limitations.

I’m going to put in the V3+ and ideally, will add one or more additional temp sensors, so that the system can be programmed to read different locations at different times, to reflect our use of the property. I don’t want smart TRVs.

As I have a fully functioning V1, I’m wondering if any of that kit could work alongside the new kit, so reducing my need to buy one or more additional sensors?

Could I run the V1 and V3 plus together? Could I add the v1 solar remote sensor to the V3 set up?

Wiring two stats isn’t an issue. I have a plan for that. My questions are really, can 2 Tado systems run together at the same property on the same account, or if not, can v3+ run any v1 kit (eg remote sensor)?

Anyone tried anything like this? Thanks.


  • Seems the answer is 'yes', but not as I might have expected.

    I seem to have managed to set up the new v3+ system to run parallel to the existing v1 system.

    Consequently, the V3+ won't allow me to configure it to run the HW, as the V1 system already does that and I can't change those settings. However, I now have the V1 remote sensor in the lounge and the new V3+ sensor in the hallway. V1 relay in the airing cupboard, piggy backing off the connections on the V3+ wireless receiver. V1 still controlling water.

    Runs exactly as it should, albeit the 'wrong' product is controlling the HW, but there's no operational impact.

  • @DM932187 i've had tado for around 4 years now and i believe i have the V1 version.

    i initially paid £20 to have some extra features and wondering is it worth upgrading to V3+? what extra features are there and are there any benefits for my setup?

    (did search but couldn't find anything)

    i don't use geofencing but do have open window detection enabled.

    i've got a viessmann vitodens 050-w boiler running in opentherm mode.

  • @Ervcrt100 possibly not a V1 as that sounds too new. V1 has the solar remote temp sensor and you can't add any other devices to it. If you have HomeKit it's likely a V3 at least, I believe, and the £20 unlocked the V3+ features.

    As far as I can tell, the V3+ only enhances my V1 in that (1) I can add devices to it (which I don't plan to do); and (2) tado can adjust the settings if needed (v1 is too old), although obviously not currently as support is seemingly overrun.

    I only installed it to give me some continuity as the v1 is 10 years old. So far, I'm not impressed at all. Maybe I'm still learning my way around it, but the product seems to have got worse in subsequent iterations.