Improve “Open Window Detection”

In a room with active "Open Window Detection" I opened the window while heating was off in the current schedule slot. The open window was not detected and the heating turned on with the next schedule slot a few minutes later. The detection should work regardless of the current state of schedule as long as heating is not disabled completely manually be the user.
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  • @JoL

    Please carry out a forum search for this Open Window Detection has been well discussed.

    The tado° "Open Window Detection" feature is not actually an "Open Window" is a feature that is activated by the tado° device detecting a "significant sharp drop in temperature" you can have an "Open Window Detection notification" that is generated by a draught from an open door etc........for example, when I let my dog out into the back garden, the open back door will produce an "Open Window Detection" notification.

    Also you can have an open window in a room while your tado° device is "Calling for heat"......and because the Open Window is not creating a "significant sharp drop in temperature"....... you won't get a notification.

    This particular tado° feature is NOT acting as it is "sold by tado°" to it's potential new's a sales gimmick !!!

  • Until Tado provides a physical window sensor or allows connection to third party ones, as @GrayDav4276 says this is more of a marketing gimmick.
  • Yeah, it is generalky not worth the hassle to keep turned on. Too many false positives/negatives, although it might work in some cases.
  • I agree the only way for the open window function to be 100% accurate is for Tado to manufacture a window sensors. Also this could double up as door sensors open/close that can be linked to a smart alarm. Tado is missing out and has stopped innovating. Ps: Water leak detector would also tie in nicely. Overall still better than my form Nest V3.
  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭

    With the current device & bridge limitations I see no future for tado° v3+ sensors.

    For the time being check Aqara instead.