Radiator ignoring temperature setting

Hi all me again!

I've now completed adding my smart TVs and have set schedules for each room. I have an issue however with the bathroom as it is continuing to heat above my setting of 16 deg. It is constantly heats the room to around 20 deg!. I have played with the offset and think I'm understanding this correctly. If Actual room is temp is higher than that reported on the app then I set the appropriate +v offset yes?. So when I adjusting the offset in the app the temp in the top left of the room display (inside now) should read the same as my thermometer shouldn't it?

Am I missing something?


  • @rickw Our offsets adjust for two rooms colder than reported by the Tado SRVs. They are negative offsets. For a room warmer than reported by a Tado SRV you should use positive offsets. We find that an offset in Tado will give an erroneous temperature when the room is not heated. Ours say the unheated rooms are colder than actual. Your alternative is to set the desired Tado temperature setting lower than you observe. HTH.