Tado Radiator Thermostat Fimrware 62.2

For some reason just one of my Radiator Thermostats has a version number of 62.2. This thermostat does not react to any commands from the App or from the manual dial. It simply also reacts to the Blink Display COmmand and blinks "Hi". But it will not react to any temperature changes or even show the temperature.

In the app it it shows it is connected and that the battery is good. I have taken it off the radiator valve and even put in new batteries.

All the rest are 54.4 or 54.12

Anydoby know why this would happen?


  • GermánGermán | Admin | Admin

    Hello ,

    Please contact our tech support with the details of your issue:




  • TommTomm
    My tado version 54.12 also works badly.
    The thermostatic valve operates within the range of maximum opening or complete closing - not otherwise.
    I do not recommend the system to anyone, technical support cannot help
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