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Tado Radiator Thermostat Firmware 62.2

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For some reason just one of my Radiator Thermostats has a version number of 62.2. This thermostat does not react to any commands from the App or from the manual dial. It simply also reacts to the Blink Display COmmand and blinks "Hi". But it will not react to any temperature changes or even show the temperature.

In the app it it shows it is connected and that the battery is good. I have taken it off the radiator valve and even put in new batteries.

All the rest are 54.4 or 54.12

Anydoby know why this would happen?


  • Hello ,

    Please contact our tech support with the details of your issue:




  • My tado version 54.12 also works badly.
    The thermostatic valve operates within the range of maximum opening or complete closing - not otherwise.
    I do not recommend the system to anyone, technical support cannot help
  • I also am having issues with two of my valves , one of which is on 62.2. They both have closed the radiator off and are displaying as per the picture below.

    Removing the batteries resets it, but it reverts back to this state.

  • I also now have one thermostat which was previously connected and has gone into a de-mounted state and won’t recover! Looking like FW 62.3 is out but still having problems.
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    If you get the following error, it means that the batteries are low:

    We’re aware that the tado° app does not show the battery alert yet. We’re working on a more accurate low battery detection algorithm to prevent this from happening in the future. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience. 

    **Optional:** To ensure that the radiator valve works properly after inserting new batteries, we suggest that you manually push the valve pin a few times in order to loosen it up so that it opens and closes smoothly again before mounting the Smart Radiator Thermostat again.

    Please, remember that not all devices require the same firmware version:




  • Can you please advise when you expect to release the new version of the app or the valve firmware so that battery state is indicated properly again?

  • I have eight tado radiator thermostats one of them has firmware 62.3 four of them have firmware 52.12 and three of them have firmware 35.13. My problem is, devices with 35.12 are not visible in Homekit and don't have open window detection either. How can I resolve this?

  • For some reason tado can’t keep the firmware of their devices up to date, mine are all over the place, ranging from v54.x up to v65.x

    The battery low push notifications only work on the 2 TRV’s with the old firmware version (54.x)

    Completely shambolic, the only way I knew the batteries needed replacing in my hallway TRV was when I realised it’s absolutely freezing in there.
  • I have the same problem - all of my Rads are now on the new firmware and not one will tell me when the battery is low. I only find out because a room is freezing. I AM SO FED UP OF THE SERVICE THAT TADO PROVIDES.

  • The opposite can happen. I had a low battery on a trv which prevented the valve to open, but the thermometer still worked well and activated the heater continuously for 48 hours. Of course without any increase in temperature in that room. All heat was dissipated by the bypass radiators. The app didnt indicate the low battery state of the trv.

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