Valves whistling



I have a full system of Tado in my house, all the radiators with smart thermostat, every room with wireless temperature and so on.

Problem appears when set temperature is 22 (for example) and tado just tries to keep this 22 by opening very very little the radiator thermostat.

This is causing a whistle on all the radiators.

Heating system has no air, it is new and so the radiator thermostats.

Any idea on how to fix it ? is getting annoying like hell


  • Can you please elaborate ? i don't understand what is lockshield valve .... the exit vale of the radiator ?

  • Yes. This has different names in diffetent countries, and there may not be any on your radiators...
  • Did this help ?
    I also experience that most probably when the valve is barely opened it gives whistling noise.