Two zones system

I have two zones in my heating system one is underfloor water heating and the other is radiators. I have two wired Tado controllers for the underfloor heating and a wired controller for the radiators. Before installing I asked for advice from Tado to ensure I got the right equipment. Now my system does not work independently if the underfloor heating is on so are the radiators and if the radiators are on so is the underfloor heating.
How can I control the two zones independently?
I have a Baxi combi boiler, which was controlled by a Siemens wireless controller for the radiators with two wired controllers for the underfloor heating. It used to work fine until I got Tado! What do I need to do??


  • Make sure the two wired thermostats are set as zone controllers for each relevant room. Settings > rooms and devices > click on room. Have you created rooms on the app?
  • Yes they are set up as rooms - are zone controllers a different process??
  • Yes, you can set it under room if you use the settings menu.
  • I will have to contact Tado help as the old wired controller a JG make is not recognised by the installation instructions. I had to do this when I first installed the system and filled their instructions
  • Is the old controller still wired in?
  • No replaced old system. Still waiting for reply from Tado. Is it possible to connect the radiators to the hot water input on the boiler connection to power the radiators
  • It would be theoretically possible if you replumbed the boiler but I’m not sure how it would help.
  • Sorry I was not clear I meant connecting the wires which control the radiator heating system to the hot water input on the tado controller which goes into the combi boiler. This would give me two systems.
  • All sorted - Tado changed the set up from their end all works fine now