Thermostat question

I have a existing battery Honeywell two wire wall thermostat with a live a switch live. Looking at the instructions these need to be bridged. The Tado thermostat I have is wireless. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Put the live in the parking slot, connect COM and NO. Don’t bridge anything.
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    On the Tado wireless thermostat there is no Parking slot? There were two wires only to the Honeywell one was live and the other a switched live. The instructions say they should be bridged? Not sure if I can upload pic on here to show?
  • You can use the desktop version of the forum to post pictures. Do you mean the Tado instructions say to bridge them? The parking slots in the thermostat are marked P. Have you searched for a wired thermostat manual?
  • I have removed the old two wire thermostat off the wall and joined the two wires using a connector supplied in the kit. Luckily there is a back box that they can fit into and the Tado stat goes over the top.
  • Yes the Tado instructions appear to say to bridge them together so as to decomission the old thermo
  • If that’s what the instructions are telling you to do you’d better follow them then.