Wiring Question: Replacing Wired Control+Thermostat with Tado Wireless v3+

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I am replacing a wired control + wired thermostat with Tado wireless v3+ starter kit. Details of the current devices:

Boiler: Glowworm Energy 30c

Control: Drayton Lifestyle LP811 - to be replaced with the Tado receiver

Thermostat: Satchwell TLX 2259 - To be replaced with the Tado wireless temperature sensor

I reached up to the point of marking the stickers, but I have some additional wires in the Lifestyle control and the app suggests I don't proceed with the installation and contact support instead. Contacting Tado support via both chat and email hasn't been of much use over the last 2-3 days, despite multiple messages.

I have attached a couple of pictures showing the wiring.

The brown wire going into terminal 3 is from the wired thermostat cable which I need to decommission, which means nothing will go into terminal 3.

The gray wire going to the black wire bridge is coming from the boiler, and the blue wire to which it is connected in the bridge is going to the wired thermostat. Where should this gray wire go?

Essentially, the gray wire from boiler is going to the thermostat, and the brown from the thermostat is going to #3. Does it mean that the gray should go to #3 so it bypasses the thermostat?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


  • Just to clarify my question in terms of the markings on the Tado receiver: the gray wire should go into the NO terminal (with black going into COM).