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Hi. We’ve just had a new boiler fitted by British Gas and had to have a Hive wireless thermostat fitted with it. I have Tado thermostats on all our radiators and, obviously, the two systems are incompatible. I would like to know what I would need to replace it with a Tado wireless thermostat. The Hive consists of a wired receiver, a bridge and a room stat. I already have a Tado bridge for the radiator stats. Not sure exactly what to buy.

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    No, you could buy a wireless temperature sensor as well if you have rooms with multiple trvs but it’s not essential.


  • You’ll need a Tado wireless receiver or a Tado wired thermostat to control the boiler. That should be all as you already have a bridge.
  • Thanks for the reply. So, forgive my stupidity, I can just replace the Hive receiver with a Tado one. I don’t need the wired thermostat as well?

  • That’s great advice. Thanks so much.