Does tado work with boiler's external temperature sensor?

I am using WOLF FGB-K-28, which has optional outside temperature sensor and it helps adjust the flow temperature automatically, instead of manually as I do now.

I guess it might be quite obvious, but may or will tado interfere with this in any way or it shouldn't really?

Thanks in advance!


  • If you wire the Tado device in using a modulating connection it will probably clash or override the weather compensation; if you wire the Tado in relay it should be fine.
  • Echoing above, I have Tado on relay and WC on a Viessmann. All good. Wouldn’t work to use WC and Tado modulation together. Tado would override. WC usually better.
  • Thanks @johnnyp78 and @DM932187 . I'm using eBus connection (if that's what you mean by modulating).

    However, as mentioned - I currently can set max flow temperature by myself through boiler settings, as far as my understanding goes - that would be done with help of outside temperature sensor.

    See part of instructions of my boiler:

  • Those are weather compensation curves. If your boiler is running WC and you’ve connected Tado to the bus, I’d expect Tado to override the weather comp and use its indoor load comp instead.

    If your house has good insulation and low thermal mass, LC may be better suited. Otherwise, you’ll probably find the WC is better (smoother and more efficient).

    To set Tado max flow temp, you do that via Tado. As I don’t use it, I can’t say how.
  • For OpenTherm you can set max flow temp via the pro-app
    But that is for OpenTherm in the narrow sense. So not Ebus etc. There I had to set max directly on the boiler.
  • You can set max flow temp on Opentherm with the Tado pro app, not sure about ebus. As @DM932187 says, Tado will have no connection to your weather sensor and will probably override it unless it’s connected it via relay.
  • Yes. Cannot do that in app as I’m on ebus.

    tado only adjusts modulation. So the question remains open I guess.

  • I’d install it in relay, at the moment I doubt your weather sensor is having any effect at all.
  • I dont have one, thus why I’m asking if it’ll work together with tado if i got one and connect to the boiler.

    House is built in 2017 so it’s quite good insulation. Would you still recommend relay?

  • I would only recommend using Tado on relay if you had a weather comp kit to modulate the boiler (although Tado does quite a good job of simulating modulation on relay). If you’re just going for the Tado I would use a digital connection if you can.
  • If you don’t yet have WC, then def tado ebus. Especially given your property. You can always switch to weather comp and relay later, if you don’t like load comp.