AC and normal heating in same room

In the bedroom we have underfloor heating. I already had a Tado thermostat installed that controlled the underfloor heating.

Separately we now got a airconditioning unit that also heats. I have just purchased a Tado AC control unit (V3+) to control it.

The question is: How to set this up? Do I tell them they are in the same room? They have a very different heat profile. Underfloor heating works very slowly but its nice to have a warm floor, aircon warms the air quickly but things still feel cold ot the touch.

I would like the floor to heat to about 16-17 degrees and the aircon unit (heat pump) to further raise the temp to about 18 or 19 degrees. How can I set this up so they dont get in each others way?

Curious to hear your thoughts.


  • Looking forward to answers to this as I have the same set up - I've not bought the Tado AC control yet. Does it allow you to access both the cooling and heating functions on your AC?

  • Ik ben ook wel nieuwsgierig hiernaar.

    Hier hebben we in meerdere kamers het zelfde "probleem", er is vloerverwarming en een losse airco wand unit (met IR) waarvoor we de Tado willen gebruiken en we willen niet twee apparaten (de thermostaat en de slimme airco bediening) ophangen. Misschien een idee voor de V4 Thermostaat, IR in bouwen dat dit ook te bedienen is want echt uniek is het niet wat wij thuis hebben.

  • Would love to know if anybody has found a way to even just add the Tado Ac control and Smart thermostat to the same room in the Tado app?

    Still hoping for an answer o my original question!

  • i have outfitted a prior home and an office with Tado, and am now looking to set up a new home with a large number of radiators, AC units, etc. So I am researching to make sure Tado will meet all my needs here.

    So far, my primary learning is that Tado ignores this official forum, so AI am left to guess in many cases.

  • Did anybody find anything out about this. If you have smart radiator valves + aircon in same room, does it put on the Aircon to heat ? I just want to use the aircon controller as a thermostat.

  • +1 for this, would love this

  • Yes, I would like to know that as well. I have Tado Thermostat for in floor heating. I also have 4 split units in the apartment. Do actually these devices "talk" to each other?

    Additionally do you plan for AC Tado that is battery powered? I know it is wifi and would require changing the batteries more often that your other devices that use 6LoWPAN but all of us already have a bridge for heating systems. I can not use Tado AC in 3 rooms as there is no way to connect it to power in the line of sight. And in Europe we don't have paper walls :) so its not that easy to move the power to suitable place.

  • +1 for this as well, should be a critical feature as far as I'm concerned
  • +1 for me also, i would like tado to implement this :-)

  • +1 for me, has anyone found a solution for this?

  • In a support chat, I got this answer which I hope indicates it is on their backlog/roadmap. This is legitimately a very complex feature, but if we keep asking I hope it gets prioritized!

    My colleagues from the Development Team are already aware of this request. Unfortunately, I cannot share any relevant information on this matter. If the function becomes available, you will be informed about it. Unfortunately, that is all I can say for now. Thanks for your understanding.