A pre-purchase question !!!


Hi all

Considering buying a Tado smart thermostat but I have question. I currently have a supported Vailliant combi boiler but have a wired thermostat in the hallway and a separate controller in the kitchen. I would like to replace both of these with a wireless smart thermostat but..... this is a rented property and I need to leave the old stat and controller in place along with their wiring. Am I right in assuming that this can be done by removing/bridging the existing wired controls and installing the wireless controller? If we ever move I will have to put the system back to its original state prior to this upgrade

Any advice or recommendations would be greatfully received

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  • Hurm

    Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to leave the kitchen controller connected as it appears to be a hot water programmer. The existing stat in the wind tunnel (hallway) will be decommissioned at the boiler and a wireless unit installed.

    Many thanks for your suggestions