Use existing tado smart thermostat for wet under floor heating.

I’m having a new extension added to my kitchen and thinking of using under floor wet heating.

Can I simply use an existing smart thermostat that’s in the kitchen and controlling a smart radiator valve have it control under floor heating instead?



  • Hi,

    I'm trying to work out the same thing.

    Not sure that my boiler will push the water round the UFH without a secondary pump, so would like to use the relay connection on the wired thermostat to control the pump, and use the smart radiator valves to control each circuit on the UFH and group as needed by room and use the wired thermostat as the room controller.

    I have 2 rooms on this manifold, and 3 circuits (2 for one room), and can't see why I couldn't wire the UFH pump to both thermostats, providing an either or both on connection for the pump.

    I've tested the wired thermostat as room controller with 2 TRVs and it works as expected. The Thermostat calls for heat, fires up the boiler and opens the TRVs in the room. Then ramps down when up to temp. Works wonderfully.

    I just can't see why the same setup wouldn't work for UFH. I just need to test the output from the thermostat, and work out how much current it will chuck out and how much my pump needs, to determine if I need an intermediate relay.

    On a side note, I'd love it if TADO would expose the set room temp to IFFFT, so I can use a smart relay to turn on the pump, rather that just the actual room temp and have to set an extra threshold. Or failing that, the status of each room, either calling for heat or not.

    Anyway, got sidetracked! Would be great to hear if anyone else has got this work, as I have another manifold to fit and sort out soon!