All TRV's disconnected but still heating

As title suggests, my wireless receiver is showing as not connected, so all my TRV's and display unit say offline. Thing is, they are still heating, and I can still see the days heating chart up to the current time.

Is this normal? Do they continue to perform as normal, only responding to manual changes on the trv until I reset the Internet bridge? Or are other radiators heating up because one was manually changed on the trv? Or should nothing happen as the wireless receiver at the boiler is not connected?

I'm confused, as there is definitely heat getting to more than 1 radiator, and only 1 was changed manually.

Any tips for the Internet bridge? It was solid for a week or 2, but now I'm getting all TRV's showing as offline daily.


  • There’s something weird going on there. If your wireless receiver is disconnected it shouldn’t be able to get calls for heat from the bridge. All I can think is that the bridge is faulty.

    If you download the Tado pro app, it should tell you if the system is working properly.
  • Any more help/opinions on this? I reset both the receiver and the bridge after this and they have worked perfectly until now. I have not used the Tado Pro app yet and can't just now as I'm working abroad. I need to get things running again for my wife and kids!

    My wife reset both and they worked fine for a while, but now they are showing as disconnected in the app again. Bar chart for the day is still showing up to now, though the heat has dropped nearly 3 degrees in one room despite it saying heating has been on constantly.
  • Can you move the bridge closer to the receiver?