Heating not responding, staying on all the time

Hello all,
I need a little help. I installed the Tado wireless starter kit on my s-plan heating system. There are no smart TRVs on any of my radiators, I decided to add those later. At the moment I’m just trying to see if the heating and hot water turn on and off as they should. This is where the problem is. The heating just stays on full constantly. This is what I understand so far:
- if I turn the heating off on my phone the Thermostat acknowledges it and shows it to be off
- if the thermostat is off this is acknowledged by the light on the wireless receiver and so I think these two are connected properly
- however the radiators stay baking hot regardless of what the receiver is showing.
-yesterday I turned off the heating manually from my phone for 3-4 hours but the radiators were still roasting.

I feel I may have wired the receiver incorrectly but I’m sure I followed the instructions well. Does anybody have any advice?


  • A little more information I think the hot water is also staying on as the light on the receiver are off for both but the boiler is still firing up.
  • If you use the desktop version of the forum you can post pictures of your wiring.
  • Is this photo clear enough?

    My system had a Danfoss CP715Si. When I opened that up there were 3 live and neutral wires, I guess 1 for the boiler and two for the two heating zones in the house.

  • Bit difficult to tell from the photo, but how many cables have you got going into that L connection (in addition to the bridge to the CH COM)?

    Apologies if I'm stating the blindingly obvious, but as you have so many N going in, I'm wondering if you have a similar quality of L and have perhaps inadvertently connected the SL to the CH to the L, which would create a constant call.

  • You can’t replace a three channel controller with a two channel Tado device. You’ll need a Tado wired thermostat for the other heating zone. Did you get instructions through the app?
  • @DM932187 I have 3 live and 3 neutral, then the bridge on top. The wires to L and N are as they were on the danfoss thermostat, should the HW and zone 1 CH be sent to a different port?

    @johnnyp78 yes, I agree, I have bought a wired thermostat for the zone two control. I guess you’re implying the third L and N wires aren’t for zone 2, they would go to the zone 2 thermostat?
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    I’m not implying, I’m telling you that you’re trying to wire three channels into a two channel device. You need one zone plus hot water into the wireless receiver and the other zone into the wired thermostat. You should have received instructions from Tado - have you got them?
  • I’ve been using them installers instruction manual from the box, yes. I’ll try and correct what I’ve done against that.
  • @Bharatlad

    If you haven't already received your installation instructions from tado° .........you should contact tado° support to get the correct installation instructions .......otherwise you're just "stabbing in the dark"

  • Ok I didn’t understand you can get personalised installation instructions from Tado? I shall contact them and find out. Thanks!