Range extender

I'd like to have a range extender for my tado products, so when my bridge can't reach all Tado units, I can put a device in between that will repeat the signal.

One solution could be a repeater, like IKEA has for their Tradfri line. Another option would be to switch modes on a bridge, so it could be used as a secondary node instead of the gateway function it has now.

I hope you can address this issue, like it has been addressed for Zigbee and Zwave.

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  • @Improver

    Please carry out a search of the Community Forum for this feature.........

  • Improver
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    I was requested by customer service to put this request in a post... I guess I expected they already had a look here but I'll search for it and upvote. I find it quite annoying the customer has to suggest and vote for a solution that should have been there for a long time.

    In my defence, tags like Range and Repeater did not yield any results.

  • Just returned from a query... Why don't you bundle these posts?? There's a lot of requests for range extending, but now they count as individual? Use your moderating powers to combine them maybe...

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    I'm not a Forum Moderator......so I can't bundle them together.......prospective posters of "REQUESTS" should realistically carry out some form of Community Forum search to ensure that they don't waste their time raising a NEW/OLD active request. Then upvote the original post to add their weight behind an outstanding request.

    2 or 3 or more threads on the same topic with (for example) 30ish votes will simply not be seen by tado° as a feature request that deserves their time or interest........hence, why tado° support "recommended" that you "open a new request" in the Community Forum.......tado° isn't stupid but they appear to be devious imho

  • They should have pointed out this post: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/28852/#Comment_28852

    Issue 3 covers exactly this. Why aren't they more transparent in their product development? I'm quite frustrated that such a "simple" thing that has been around for quite some time takes so much time to implement. The examples are there in Zwave and Zigbee, or general mesh networking. Go and implement!

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    There is another feature request with currently over 450 votes (and thats just in the English forum) and it's still not going anywhere.

  • Too bad this forum is just a simple bulletinboard instead of e.g. a wiki, so the community members could actually help ordering things.
  • Seconded. Range limitation is my major frustration with tado. There appears to be a lot of support for it amongst tado users (dating back to 2016/2017 at least), yet no indication from tado that they're doing anything to address it.

    Are there any practical workarounds?