Just installed. No hot water....

As above. Ideal boiler with HW cylinder upstairs. Checked wiring (there was only one each for CH and HW). Heating working fine. App and controller both say HW is on no problem but taps say different. When I turn off the CH via the app, to see if this is the issue, the boiler goes off as if it thinks there's a tankful of hot water, which there isn't...🤔. Any ideas. Thought it was all working wonderfully until I went to get a shower!


  • @mrh3113 You’ll need to describe your heating and dhw system. Boiler combi/system? previous controls, pictures of wiring etc, before anyone can help.

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    Ideal boiler supplying radiators and hot water tank. Previous control was a plumb center one. Can't see how I add a pic on here...? I'm struggling to understand it as the wiring was a simple swap and surely it's just an on/off request. I guess I could put the old controller back on and see if the hot water works again. I have put the immersion on for the tank which has worked fine as an emergency measure.
  • This is the old wiring setup. 3 was the HW, 4 was for the heating.

  • This was the old controller.

    The new system is just the wireless controller, bridge and wireless thermostat

  • New wiring (heating and HW lights currently off but both been on earlier and calling for heat)

  • Looks like you’ve got an s plan system - you could check the wireless receiver is set for it (section 6) https://cdn.brandfolder.io/607DGEMS/as/tqh86npbjjhws5gwkxfncbfh/104172-DIGITAL-WRP01IB01-INSTALLER_MANUAL-TA-UK-00-V2.pdf
  • Just checked. Green light so I take it that's ok...?

  • Your wiring looks fine but it might be worth checking the s plan hot water valves as well. Unfortunately there’s nothing obviously wrong that I can see.
  • Ok, thanks. How do I check the valves...🤔

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    It’s impossible to tell without seeing your heating system. I would get a professional in to do it if you’re not sure.

    The other option is to reinstall the old controller. If it works, it’s a problem with Tado, either hardware or wiring.
  • Customer support sent instructions to bypass the controller by moving the HW NO wire into the HW COM. I have done this and the boiler fired up immediately, so I'm guessing it's a fault with the controller. Waiting to hear back what to do next.
  • @mrh3113 I’m facing a similar issue which I think I’ve now narrowed down to a faulty wireless receiver. Are you able to share instructions on how to bypass the controller by moving HW NO? To me all that does is create a NC circuit and HW will always be on?
  • You're correct, it leaves the hot water on permanently! So you have to leave it on for a bit and then disconnect once you have a tankful. They are sending me a replacement wireless controller. Here are the instructions they sent.