Heating way over the desired temperature

My system is during home and away modes heating way past the scheduled temperature, set to 21 and has been reaching over 25, this “smart” system has a mind of its own!! I cannot find any topics or anyway of asking Tado to help, any contact details or suggestions would be helpful, thanks


  • Try this https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3590239-how-can-i-contact-tado-customer-support
  • I have the same problem focusross1978.

    I set up the smart thermostat on Saturday and my house has been like the tropics ever since. I set the room temperature to 18 but it's been over 25 all weekend. The only way I can lower the temperature is to manually turn it off.

    I tried chatting with Tado as there's no phone contact but the chat bot doesn't respond. I will have to reinstall my old thermostat soon as I can't afford to pay an energy bill caused by a faulty Tado product.

  • Also check your boiler flow temp isn’t running too high. That will cause overshoot, if your problem is Tado is switching off but the house continues to heat.

    If Tado is just continuing to heat way beyond set temp rather than overshoot, is the heating turning itself off to schedule? If not, you could have miswired.