Central Heating On/Off missing feature on Tado app


There is a feature to turn Hot Water on or off in the app but no feature to turn Central Heating on or off. For anyone with a dual heating system for central heating, e.g. an oil fired boiler connected to a Tado receiver plus an alternative heating source, such as a solid fuel boiler, it is essential to turn off the oil fired boiler when using the alternative heating source.

You can turn hot water on or off with the Tado app but you can not currently turn on or off the central heating, only "All Rooms" but this turns off the radiator valves and temperature sensors. But the radiator valves and temperature sensors need to stay ON for the alternative central heating source.

Please enable turning on and off Central Heating using the Tado app, as currently this can only be done by physically pressing the Central Heating button on the side of the Tado receiver.

See how this would look in the screenshot below.

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  • bonus_uk

    There's a "Turn OFF All rooms button at the top" which will set all sensors to frost protection mode.

  • PhFe

    Bonus_uk didn't read hughR's post!